Why hire a content designer

A content designer is a hybrid role increasingly in demand across the public sector. When you hire a content designer, you’re not just hiring a copywriter or a web editor. You’re hiring someone with the skills to understand what people need from your website or service, and how best to structure your content to meet those needs.

Content designer skills

A good content designer:

  • uses data from user research and analytics to inform their decisions and approach
  • knows how people search and read online, and designs content accordingly
  • is a master of content structure, accessibility and plain English
  • takes search engine optimisation (SEO) way beyond inserting keywords into text
  • works proactively with stakeholders, subject matter experts and team members from other digital disciplines (developers, user researchers, UX-ers, designers, etc)

5 reasons to hire a content designer

You need a content designer, rather than simply a web editor, if:

  • you’re running a web migration project and your old content doesn’t fit into your new website
  • your content is not working (people can’t find it, don’t read it or don’t understand it) and you don’t know why
  • you want to set standards for internal content teams on what is best practice for digital content today
  • you need experts to implement your digital transformation programme (and to convince stakeholders you’re doing the right thing)
  • you’ve got a big new content strategy from a design agency, and you need someone to make the strategy a reality

“Scroll content designers played a vital role in helping Defra to reduce their guidance on GOV.UK by over 80%, making it quicker for users to access and easier for them to understand how to comply with the law.”
Project Manager, Smarter Guidance, Defra – read the case study.

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