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We’re proud to have the best content designers in the business on our books. Scroll’s content designers have worked on GOV.UK, in central and local government, and in the education sector.

Content design case studies

Scroll’s content designers have worked on successful digital projects for many government departments and agencies. We’ve worked on GOV.UK and other Government Digital Service (GDS) projects since June 2012. Most Scroll content designers are GDS-trained and can publish on Whitehall. Read our public sector client list and case studies.

How to procure Scroll’s services

Government buyers who need content services can procure us through the Digital Marketplace. We’re also on a number of specialist frameworks and are approved suppliers for many organisations. We have a staff member dedicated to contracts and security clearance. Read about procurement for Scroll.

Why hire a content designer?

When you hire a content designer, you’re not just hiring a copywriter or a web editor. You’re hiring someone with the skills to understand what people need from your website, and how best to structure your content to meet those needs. Read why to hire a content designer.

“Scroll played a vital role in helping Defra to reduce the volume of their guidance on GOV.UK by over 80%, making it quicker for users to access and easier for them to understand how to comply with the law.” (Defra Smarter Guidance project – read the case study.)

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