About Scroll

Scroll is a digital content consultancy based in London. We offer:

  • content design
  • content strategy
  • user research and related UX services
  • editorial and proofreading services
  • coordination of large-scale projects
  • training in content design and content strategy

We deliver projects independently, partner with technology companies, or supply specialists to slot seamlessly into client teams.

Government buyers – see how to procure Scroll’s services.

Scroll’s network of associates

Scroll has built a talent pool of over 250 associates, or ‘Scrollies’. We assess all Scrollies for their skills, experience and security clearance. We then match them carefully with projects.

We provide Scrollies in London and across the UK. We’re experienced in providing and running remote teams of contractors.

Scroll’s core team

Scroll has a large team of permanent employees, who handle project and account management. Many also have experience in content design and strategy, which gives Scroll special insight into your project needs.

The team works behind the scenes to:

  • organise interviews
  • check security clearance
  • run smooth, fast onboarding
  • write contracts
  • check we adhere to your policies
  • support Scrollies on projects, sharing knowledge and expertise

We’re on hand when you need us, managing issues, so you can focus on running your project.

Company history

Scroll was founded in 2004 and has grown from a small content provider to an established digital content services consultancy.

We’re proud to have worked on some of the best-known and most important digital projects in recent years – take a look at our client list.

Scroll’s management

Hetty Meyric Hughes is Scroll’s founder and director.

Hetty oversees Scroll’s associates and accounts, ensuring a consistent service across all activities and clients.

She develops the skills and capabilities across the company to enable all team members to apply Scroll’s ethos and methodologies (and avoid reinventing the wheel).

She’s supported by Scroll’s large core team of permanent staff.

Contact Hetty:

  • Phone +44 (0)7762 096939
  • Email projects@scroll.co.uk

Contact Hetty about your project

Image of Hetty Meyric Hughes

+44 (0)776 209 6939

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