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News, thought pieces, advice

Why lorem ipsum is the worst thing ever

Proof that filler text ruins user testing sessions (even if it’s from Slipsum, the Samuel L Jackson filler text generator.)

Politeness and tone

If you write for US and UK audiences, listen to this excellent podcast on how the word ‘please’ is perceived differently.

Boomers v millenials

There’s a big difference in the way these audiences perceive, use and create user-generated content.

Practical tips and ‘how-tos’

How to use content types

A step-by-step guide to identifying content types and modelling them for a CMS. Excellent guide – follows on from part 1 which explains why it’s important to do this.

What would Mailchimp say?

Mailchimp’s highly respected voice and tone guide talks you through how to vary your tone for your audience’s emotional state.


Tools for finding related keywords

Some good ideas for keyword tools (not all free). Apparently Pinterest is great for this – who knew?

And finally…

A cure for writer’s block

Staring at a blank page? Lost for words? This app will fix you!