10 great gifts for content designers

A list of things that any discerning content designer would be delighted to unwrap this Christmas.

1. ‘Oxford library’ candle

Evoke sliding ladders, spiral staircases and leather-bound books. Best customer review of this says it “smells like a freshly showered Sherlock.” If this is all a bit clubby for your taste, try ‘Reading at the cafe‘ instead.

'Oxford library' soy candle

‘Oxford library’ soy candle

2. Wipebook notepad

Like a very cool whiteboard – all the rage and really very handy. Range in size from little notebook to A3.

Wipebook pro notepad

Wipebook Pro notepad

3. Bathtub book holder

Reading in the bath is one of the small acts of decadence that makes life worth living. Choose one big enough to handle a Tolstoy-sized novel, a glass of wine and a couple of candles.

Bathtub book holder

Bathtub book holder

4. A writer’s retreat

The sheer unalloyed joy of some time dedicated to entirely to writing. There are lots to choose from, including creating writing charity Arvon, which provides some grants for its courses and retreats.

Woman outdoors writing in notebook

Creative writing retreats and courses

5. ‘I am silently correcting your grammar’ t-shirt

Grammar nerds, out and proud!

'I am silently correcting your grammar' t-shirt

‘I am silently correcting your grammar’ t-shirt

6. UX myths posters

A series of myth-busting posters, which you can download and print yourself. Sample: “People read on the web”.

UX myths poster saying 'People read on the web'

UX myths posters

7. A Book Apart

The classic series of short, focused books for people who design, write and code. Get a gift card if you can’t choose.

Books from A Book Apart

The classic Book Apart series

8. A coffee subscription

We have a lot of work to do, making things better on the internet, and sometimes we need a bit of fuel. Has Bean gets rave reviews for its monthly coffee subscription service.


Has Bean coffee

Has Bean coffee

9. Super-sticky notes

This is quite exciting: extra-sticky Post-its with full adhesive on one side! Definitely a level up.

Full-adhesive sticky notes

Full-adhesive sticky notes

10. Give something back

Books2Africa will collect books from your house. Listening Books provides audiobooks to people who cannot otherwise read. Skills for Change always has ‘microvolunteering’ opportunities for writers.

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