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Scroll delivers content strategy to meet all needs, at all levels of the market – from global businesses to small start-ups.

Why your business needs a content strategy

Content strategy is how you make your business goals happen online.

The most common problem that content strategy solves is “how do we make it happen”? We know who we need to reach, we know what we want to say. We even know the channels we want to say it in, and in which markets and in which languages.

What we don’t know how to do is coordinate the creation, customisation, publishing, and maintenance of all the content in a way that’s efficient and effective.

Every kind of content benefits from a content strategy

Your content could be the marketing content on your website, or the content that sells your products or services online. It could be the thousands of pieces of content that your development team uses in in a software project. It could be a mix of marketing, social, and instructional content that guide users through online transactions.

Or your content might be the intranet content that is supposed to keep staff productive, training content that overlaps with lots of other content in your organisation, or any number of types of content that matter enough to invest in it.

Bring it on

You’re looking for a content strategist if:

  • you’re trying to figure out how to get better content out to your audiences
  • you’re trying to automate the rote tasks so you can concentrate on better engagement strategies
  • you’re trying to connect the various types of customer-facing content in your organisation for an overall better customer experience

A content strategy doesn’t do your job for you, but it does help you do your job better. We’re here to help, and have a lot of experience. We can help relieve the pain of producing content and turn your content into a high-functioning business asset.

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