Identify an inventory of 1,100 pages of content.

Defined a core set of 30 user needs.

Recommended that 20% of content (including PDFs) could be archived.


We provided high-level recommendations for the Forestry Commission’s content, both the content that would go on GOV.UK and how content not suitable for GOV.UK could best be handled – providing a roadmap for the future.

We provided support and advice to enable the Forestry Commission to engage with the transition project and with the necessity for a content strategy for their organisation.

For the transition content, we created a content plan that allowed the Forestry Commission to:

  • archive certain content
  • see clearly which content could transition to GOV.UK
  • understand how to apply GOV.UK standards to the content
  • reorganise priority content to have a greater impact

We also provided a detailed presentation and slide deck that allowed Forestry Commission to review and self-support the next stage of their transition work.

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