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Practical tips and how-tos

How to write good automatic response messages
Sounding like a human in system-generated messages is both tricky and important.

Barnado’s gets a radical redesign
How a Scroll team helped radically reorganise Barnado’s content. The project cut the Barnado’s content estate from 12,000 pages on 85 sites to 200 user-focused pages on 1 site.

Consequence scanning
Interesting approach, championed by Doteveryone, to bring a bit of focus and understanding to the consequences of what you’re building.

Going from ‘writer’ to ‘designer’
How to gain some of the broader design skills that content designers sometimes lack.

How to measure content success
Ideas about how to measure content for different problems.

News, thought pieces, advice

Content debt
This nicely collates all the problems caused by a build-up of content debt. It’s useful to have in your arsenal when you need to convince people that spending money on content is as important as spending money on code.

10 powerful nudges
These are effective nudge techniques, from public pledges to chunking to the ‘Ikea effect.’ We are a madly irrational species.

It’s definitely not FAQs, OK?
GDS adds FAQPage semantic markup to some content on GOV.UK.

It’s all about the prepositions
BERT, Google’s new algorithm, is affecting around 1 in 10 search results.


Service design patterns
A service design pattern library for local government. Patterns include check something, register something, tell us something, and request something.

And finally…

The end of the apostrophe
The Apostrophe Protection Society has admitted defeat and closed its door’s.