Latest news in content: spring 2020

A round-up of the best advice, thinking, tools and news in content. This has all appeared in the fortnightly Scroll newsletter. (Sign up on the right, never miss out again…)

Practical tips and how-tos

Sort out your home office
Sensible advice about setting up a good home office, to suit all budgets.

How to write a problem statement
You cannot start before you understand the problem. This is simple, clear and effective.

Emojis – the rules
Get the lowdown on using emojis properly and accessibly. A new addition to the Readability Guidelines project.

Usability testing for voice content
Common usability testing methods do not work for voice content – here are some other approaches. Long read, but fascinating.

News, thought pieces, advice

Language, bias and protest coverage
Passive and active language in press coverage of protests, and how it plays into unconscious bias.

Getting started as a content designer
Scroll content designer, Danny Chadburn, has advice for aspiring content designers (and explains how Disney princess analogies helped him clarify content about arms embargoes…)

‘User behaviour is baffling’
And other things that Christine Cawthorne, aka @crocstar, has learned about content (from a 3-part series.)

People (still) don’t read
The Neilsen Norman Group’s original research into how people read online introduced concepts like the F-shape, and is now canonical. They recently published this updated report and yes, 13 years later, people still scan.


Testing content with users
A go-to blogpost setting out the different ways you can check that people understand your content.

Using Notion to record design decisions
How the design team at Deliveroo are using the Notion app to document design decisions.

And finally…

Should I mention coronavirus in this content?
Tongue-in-cheek but makes a good point.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay