Latest news in content: spring 2019

A round-up of the best advice, thinking, tools and news in content. This has all appeared in the fortnightly Scroll newsletter. (Sign up on the right, never miss out again…)

Practical tips and how-tos

How to run a good content crit
Keep crits simple – no heavy processes required. Spend time working out what you want to get from the crit, so you can give context and get the right people in the room.

Content crits are for everyone
How Scope runs multi-disciplinary content crits.

Form design: handling optional fields
Conditional reveal or a separate page? Some smart thinking about how and when to ask users for optional information.

DIY user research
A step-by-step guide to running a simple user research session, for people who are not user researchers.

News, thought pieces, advice

One thing per page
Find out what ‘one thing’ means to your users – it might be a single question, or it might be a bigger task.

Beyond ‘the green button’…
If you are using the GDS design system, this will thrill you to the core: new button styles added, including ‘warning’ and ‘secondary’.

Content designers in discovery
Yes, you do need a content designer at the discovery phase of a project – and here are some reasons why.

Advice for new content designers
New to content design? Read advice gathered from the hive mind.


Content design playbook
Deliveroo’s new content design tool – smart and simple.

Conversations with robots
Excellent introduction to structured content. Shows how and semantic structures work in practice.

And finally…

Pseudo design job title generator
As someone pointed out, it’s only funny until it generates your actual job title.