Latest news in content: Spring 2018

A round-up of the best advice, thinking, tools and news in content. This has all appeared in the fortnightly Scroll newsletter. (Sign up on the right, never miss out again…)

News, thought pieces, advice

Writing is a fundamental design skill
The need for minimal UI design means words must work harder. Chatbots, the rise of natural language in interface – design is increasingly based on words. Coders used to be the darlings of the design world – now content designers are taking centre stage. (Ha.)

‘No, I don’t want to make great content’
Confirmshaming harms your brand and enrages your users.

Metaphors and UX
Lovely, thoughtful read about metaphors: why they work and when they don’t. (Sample: unknown things are up – it’s up in the air; known things are down – we’ve got it down.)

Practical tips and ‘how-tos’

How to write a style guide (that people can actually use)
Tips from a recent Scroll project developing a style guide for the Health Service Executive in Ireland.

How to get brand voice into your UX content
Sometimes, brand voice and clean UX are in conflict – it’s hard to cut words to a minimum and also reflect brand. This talks you through it, step by step, with examples.


Diversity in stock images
Stock photography site offering images of black and brown people. All free and licensed for commercial use.

Check how fast a site loads
A handy free tool from Google to check site load time – still one of the critical factors for engagement.

And finally…

Sticky notes. We’re doing it wrong