Rahel Bailie named in the top 25 content strategy influencers

Scroll’s own content strategy guru, Rahel Bailie, has been named one of the top 25 content strategist influencers 2016 by MindTouch.

MindTouch evaluated thousands of content strategists and created a measurement that took into account a wide range of metrics, including internet presence, influence, community engagement and participation. This is a snapshot of what’s happening (and who’s hot) in the world of content strategy today.

Read the list of top 25 content strategist influencers on the MindTouch site.

Scroll welcomes new staff member Beck Thompson

First week at Scroll – introducing myself

This week, I joined the Scroll central team. I’ll be helping to look after Scroll clients and content designers, scoping out projects and providing editorial guidance and quality control – amongst other things.

I’m really excited to be doing this role: I’ve worked alongside Scrollies in content design teams, and I’ve also been a Scroll client, so I know how much expertise the team has. Now I’ve got the chance to be part of it and help shape what Scroll is doing.

Work in government content design

I’ve got 18 years’ experience in digital content. I was a senior editor on the Directgov website before the Government Digital Service (GDS) was formed. Then I worked as a content designer on the award-winning team that launched GOV.UK. After that, I became the GDS content lead for digital services, managing content designers working on 25 ‘exemplar’ services as part of the Digital Transformation Programme. I also led the content design work on the GDS Agile Governance Principles, which were published in the Service Design Manual.

Most recently I’ve been a content lead at Citizens Advice, working with a team to develop user-centred content for a website that was visited 36 million times last year by people looking for help to solve their problems.

A content geek at heart

I suppose I’m just a massive content geek at heart. I love taking complicated things and making them simple, or helping others to do that. I love championing user needs and talking to other people about digital content. It’s an exciting field to work in at the moment, with the opportunity to learn and collaborate with some brilliant brains – and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

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