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Content strategy methodology

Content strategy: the five pillars approach Our guest blogger this month is Rahel Bailie. She writes about her approach to developing content strategy and shares a framework for you to use in your own work. Rahel is a highly experienced content strategist and was formerly Chief Knowledge Officer at Scroll. Content strategy methodology When a […]

Digital asset management (DAM) at Content, Seriously

Two industry experts presented on DAM and taxonomies at the latest meetup for people who take content seriously. In this special one-off event, participants got to experience an eclectic corner of London in an even more eclectic venue. About the venue: Rotherhithe Picture Research Library The Rotherhithe Picture Research Library is an extensive collection of […]

Content design in the private and public sectors

Content, Seriously is a meetup for content professionals in London. It’s organised by Rahel Bailie, Scroll’s chief content strategist. Before the latest Content, Seriously event, Rahel polled the meetup members to ask what they wanted to talk about. Content design rose to the top of the list. As the meetup series normally focuses on content […]

Holes in the template: piping content into a web CMS

When companies have large quantities of content – for example, many products, where each one has several pieces of information – that product information probably doesn’t originate from their web content management system (WCMS). The WCMS acts as a ‘presentation layer’ – in other words, a mechanism to display content. The content doesn’t have to live […]

Trends in content strategy

The Content Strategy Applied 2017 conference (9-10 Feb 2017) ended with a trend-spotting presentation from organisers Rahel Anne Bailie and Lucie Hyde. They brought their collective experience, along with the insights from conference presenters, to the podium. One of the points Rahel made in this presentation was that content professionals today need to constantly work […]

How to cope with the increased demands on content

The complexity of producing and delivering content has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades, as the demands for content have grown. In simpler times, content was produced as a single-channel deliverable. We would write an article for a magazine, or a user guide, or a maintenance manual. There was one piece of content […]

Good translations start with good source content

If you’re surprised to hear that the biggest impact you can have on your translation budget lies with your source content, you’re not alone. Shoring up your source content seems counter-intuitive, but it’s exactly the right strategy to get the most value from your translation and localisation projects. Organisations can achieve 50% to 80% reduction […]

Evidence-based content strategy and design

There is a lot of talk about evidence-based design these days. A quick search for evidence-based design, or EBD, returns results mostly focused on health care and the construction industry. Both of these professions have a vested interest in developing an empirical understanding of how people interact with their environments so that their practices can […]

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