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Things you get for free when you hire a content designer

Content design and user experience (UX) writing are becoming more commonplace. Digital teams are increasingly using content professionals to make their apps and websites better — but that’s not the whole story. One thing that I think can go unnoticed when a company considers hiring a UX writer or content designer is the tacit training and capacity-building […]

A rubbish blog post about content design

The benefits of content design can often go unnoticed. Until content designers turn vigilante… I’m one of the content designers working at the Education and Skills Funding Agency. As content designers, it’s our job to get to the essence of what people need and then strip everything else away. And in the name of content […]

The narcissism of blogging, and why that’s not a bad thing

Is there any point in blogging? Don’t get me wrong, blogs are great if you want to see oil portraiture of ugly Renaissance babies or Kim Jong Il photoshopped unconvincingly onto North Korean civil engineering projects. But I’ve found in software development, people tend to roll their eyes and ask, “Blogging? what’s the point?” Personally, I […]

Lorem ipsum: why it’s the worst thing ever

I was in a user research session recently and it convinced me that ‘lorem ipsum’ should be outlawed. User after user were flying through the screens we were testing until they hit upon a gobbledygook Latin brick wall. It was a part of the site that hadn’t yet been properly designed, but users didn’t know […]

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