Scroll company history

Hetty Meyric Hughes founded Scroll 2004, providing services primarily to government agencies.

Scroll quickly built a reputation as a trusted supplier of web writers and editors. We were accepted onto the Creative Services framework at the Department for Education in 2004, and by 2005 had over 10 clients in that department alone, while expanding to other areas of central government. In 2010, Scroll were among the 10 creative services agencies that founded the Creative Choice consortium framework.

Scroll’s network of associates

Scroll has built a talent pool of over 200 Scrollies who have been trained in best practices and common methodologies.

Generally, 50 to 75 of them are engaged in projects at any one time. Many are based in London, but we have Scrollies working in other parts of the UK and can accommodate most regions as well as countries outside the UK.

Scroll’s central team

In 2015, internationally recognised content strategist Rahel Bailie joined our senior management team as Chief Knowledge Officer. She set up the content strategy training courses and the Content Seriously meetups. In 2016, Rahel was nominated as one of the world’s 25 most influential content strategists.

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