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Too good to miss: summer 2019

A round-up of the best advice, thinking, tools and news in content. This has all appeared in the fortnightly Scroll newsletter. (Sign up on the right, never miss out again…)

Practical tips and how-tos

Writing good UI
Some good rules of thumb for writing labels, buttons and other bits of UI. Example: describe the consequent state, not the current state – like the ‘pause’ and ‘play’ buttons on video.

Find your user’s language
How content designers at Scope walk the tricky line between what people say, jargon and plain English. Plus a good selection of tools and tips.

News, thought pieces, advice

Getting started as a content designer
New Scrollie, Danny Chadburn, talks us through his first few months as an ‘official’ content designer.

Making digital services accessible
How the NHS are preparing for the September 2020 deadline. Excellent work. Really well written, too.

DIY user research at Monzo
At Monzo, you don’t need a user researcher to do basic user research. Interesting approach. Pragmatic, but risky.

The ROI of content design
There are some gems in here. Sample: “Good UX, which includes good microcopy, can save 1/8th of developer time… Developers are expensive; saving their time is excellent for ROI.”


Content strategy methodology
Rahel Baillie, content strategist extraordinaire, shares her approach to content strategy methodology. Plus a free download of a toolkit, to adapt and use as you wish.

And, finally…

So, your team needs stickers?
Here’s how to make some.

Demented business processes
How ‘Unsubscribe’ worked in a major UK bank.

User inyerface
Mind-crushingly horrible UX game. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions…

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