Latest news in content: autumn 2017

News, thought pieces, advice

Content designers add value (just by doing their job)
Just having a content designer on your team means you get training, capacity development, mentoring and user-centred design advocacy for free. Content designers are AMAZING.

Map a content ecosystem
There is no better way to work out where your content stands. Then you can step back and take a critical look at the whole bangshoot. (Also, a great read.)

SEO myth-buster: 2017 edition
Exasperated post about current SEO buzzwords and fashions that are just nonsense and don’t work.

Practical tips and ‘how-tos’

Plain English, again
As a content designer, you will have endless conversations about why even experts need plain English. Here’s some more ammunition.

How to write a problem statement
‘Are we all solving the same problem?’ is an excellent first question to ask on any content project.

Sketch and prototype with content
(Long read, worth it.) A step-by-step guide for content designers working in interaction design. How to get the words into the design from the start.


How much will the content cost? 
Wait, HOW much? People constantly underestimate the cost of content. This tool is a quick way to work out how much a content project will cost.

And finally…

It’s so beautiful and clever and funny!
How to tell if your copy is narcissistic.

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