Online membership applications grew by 54% in the first 6 months after launch.

  • By making it clearer and faster for users to find information and understand the various routes to membership, IMechE could maintain its reputation among target audiences
  • New content is more accessible and able to reach untapped audiences and potential members
  • The new structure and content helped to create a more consistent, coherent user experience

The new site went live in January 2016. By the end of June 2016, IMechE’s online membership applications had reached 77% of the total number of applications it had received in 2015, despite only being half way through the year. Scroll’s work played a role in the achievement of this great result.

What the client says

Scroll’s content designer was able to work with stakeholders without a ripple to turn complex, offline-guidance and technical information into user-friendly easy-to-understand webpages. Scroll was also able to improve the structure and user journeys of business-critical content to improve users’ satisfaction levels and conversions.

Jean Sims, Content Marketing Editor, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

About the client

IMechE is a membership organisation with over 113,000 members in 140 countries worldwide. It has a variety of aims, including campaigning to influence government policy, inspiring the next generation of engineers and developing professional engineers. Target audiences range from students to qualified engineers.

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