British Council social media audit

Analysing the British Council’s social media presence – strategy and implementation.


The British Council commissioned Scroll to analyse the financial and reputation costs and benefits of their social media work.

They wanted to know the extent to which their investment in social media was delivering a return, which channels were most effective and why, and what changes they could make to take things to the next level.

The challenge

The British Council has an international audience of millions. The organisation operates social media channels, but was uncertain about their investment. They wanted an analysis of their social media work and strategy, to understand the costs, benefits, risks and opportunities.

They also needed to make decisions on where they needed to develop social media for their English products and how to gather the right evidence – set the right KPIs and metrics – to know if they’d made the right decision.

About the British Council

The British Council is a world leader in promoting the UK’s culture and the English language. It’s a globally recognised brand, and operates in over 100 countries on 6 continents.

The solution

Scroll built a multidisciplinary team for this piece of work, made up of a business analyst, a user researcher and a social media strategist.

We started by analysing the British Council’s social media presence – content, channels and metrics. We used analytics, automated classification and sentiment analysis to report on factors like:

  • engagement (views, shares, reach, completion, clickthroughs
  • demographics/audience
  • measurable ROI (goals and conversions)
  • user journeys from social to site

For the user research, we ran a remote user survey on all 6 continents, backed by in-depth interviews. We also carried out a series of internal stakeholder interviews.

To understand the value of social media to the British Council, we benchmarked the organisation’s financial and management approach to social against similar organisations. We ran a cost-benefit analysis, and considered the impact of social media on their brand, values and business goals.

Our final report included 3 potential outcomes and some important recommendations for each – showing exactly what to do, and how to do it.

These covered social media strategy, the approach to content (including governance and management), team skills and structure.


The report gave the British Council a clear understanding of what was happening with their social media, what users cared most about and what brought most value, both to the organisation and to the audience.

The British Council were able to use this information to develop future strategy.

What the client says…

Scroll provided us with an analysis of our social media strategy for our English products and how effectively we were implementing it. We appreciated their expert understanding of digital content as it relates to our specific goals. Their findings allowed us to make future decisions based on hard evidence. We’re acting on a number of Scroll’s recommendations.

David Blundell

Social Media Manager, British Council

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