Content design training

A content designer is part copywriter, part UXer, part data geek and part stakeholder manager. They are now vital to many public sector digital projects and skilled content designers are in short supply, commanding excellent day rates.

This 2-day course gives you a thorough introduction to the work of a content designer with a view to helping you move into the field.

Course modules

The course is made up of 4 modules. Complete all 4 modules and receive a certificate of completion accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

Module 1: User needs

You’ll learn:

  • what content strategy centred around user needs is – and why you should care
  • how to write well-formed user stories
  • what ‘acceptance criteria’ are, what a good one looks like and why they’re vital
  • how to rethink the way you approach content creation so it works for your users

Module 2: Writing for the web

You’ll learn:

  • how people read online
  • best practice principles of writing for the web
  • how accessibility and usability apply to content
  • how to maximise user engagement
  • how to structure your content to increase conversion rates

Module 3: Designing with data

You’ll learn:

  • how to use freely available tools to uncover what your users search for, how they think, what they want and how they want to see your web content structured
  • how to use user research and analytics data to create content that meets your users’ needs

Module 4: Agile content production

You’ll learn:

  • the principles of agile project management
  • practices and tools used in agile content production
  • what it’s like to work in an agile content team

How it works

The course is designed to help you write better informational content. It’s about content that helps your users understand how to achieve a task and then achieve it (tasks like ‘apply for X’, ‘learn how to Y’, or ‘sign up fo Z’) and is based on the approach used to design content for GOV.UK.

It’s delivered in workshop format. That means you get the theoretical background, with plenty of chance to practice so you learn how to apply it through hands-on exercises and related activities.

This course is not designed to teach you how to sell things to people, and it doesn’t cover social media (though the principles taught are relevant for those disciplines too).

Who it’s for

This course is for you if you’re:

  • already working in the public sector as a communicator but don’t have content design skills
  • working as a writer, editor, journalist or content strategist and you want to work in the public sector as a content designer
  • eager to use content design best practice to create clear, accessible private-sector content
  • a recent graduate in a related field (English, journalism, advertising, etc) and would like to build a professional skill set that will allow you to work in government web

About the trainers

The course was developed by Padma Gillen. Padma is a partner at Scroll and former Head of Content Design for GOV.UK. Courses are delivered by Padma and other trainers with specialist skills and knowledge in different aspects of content design. All our trainers are senior content designers and all have a great deal of experience designing content for GOV.UK, government services, or both.

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CPD accreditation badge

“Great mix of theory and practice and all delivered in a style that encouraged discussion and sharing. Lots of useful techniques and tips. Should be required training for all content designers working in government.”
(Course participant, Department of Health)